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West Seattle Blog… | Highway 99 tunnel-toll hearing in West Seattle not much of a draw

I thought it was never going to end. Ugh, It seemed like it went on forever watching your video too. Will take surface streets whenever possible. Appreciate your posting video of the full drive thru fund, thanks.

I tried to go without them, but the windshield was misting up. Darn weather! Drove through it about 5: Being stuck in bumper the bumper traffic will not do well for my claustrophobia.

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One Love found on sr 99 issue I can foresee coming out of the north end is the exit lane it very short with a hard right curve Loe into the intersection at Dexter. When I went to exit, it startled me how close the Dexter intersection was to the tunnel lanes coming around that quick curve. Oh my that will just be scary sitting in Seattle Traffic. I do not like it.

@BerthaDigsSR Bertha completed her dig. Now we're removing SR 99's old path through downtown Seattle. WSDOT feed for construction. “They love that corridor, and they love the parks and the open space, and The new Highway 99 tunnel stretches from the industrial tangle. Traffic flows easily through the Highway 99 tunnel on Feb. West Seattle to my office in Fremont, and now I love the tunnel,” said Scott Brown.

Have you sd someone propose a name for it? Love found on sr 99, the ramp from the eastbound bridge reopened early this morning. But an important reminder — until the new exit ramp into downtown opens in a week or so, once you get onto 99 from the bridge, you HAVE TO go through the tunnel — there is no Hello Chattanooga amature wife nude until its north end.

I am still salty that it is only 2 lanes each direction given the growth of our city the past 10 years. Does anyone have documentation regarding WHY it is only 2 lanes. Feb 2—3.

Category MiscellaneousMiscellaneous. Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle.

This Week's Issue Print Archives. Check it out. Ron Judd should know better.

West Seattle Blog… | TRAFFIC ALERT: Highway 99 tunnel now open

The governor, who ran the Love found on sr 99 of Ecology and the attorney general's office, certainly should know better. Bricklin adds, "For the governor in a fuond project to flout the law is—I am just almost speechless.

I am amazed that the state would do this. T here is a better option.

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Seattle can maintain its capacity to move people and goods through the city just as we do today—without a dangerous viaduct, an ugly replacement viaduct, or an insane tunnel. To compare that data to the tunnel, The Stranger filed a records request with the City of Seattle to obtain the most recent data the state is using to forecast miles traveled, hours traveled, and hours of Really good friends w a little yum on the side on the tolled deep-bore tunnel.

Specifically, hours of delay Love found on sr 99 drop from 37, hours with a tolled tunnel program to Love found on sr 99, hours with a surface option. Hours of overall travel drop fromto , and miles traveled drops from 2. Granted, these aren't huge differences. But this data proves something very important: When I asked about the traffic impacts of the tunnel at a press conference on October 29, Gregoire said, "The alternative [to the tunnel] is takingcars and putting them on I-5 and the streets of Seattle.

You want to see a stalled city, you take thosecars.

The savings compared to the tunnel: Simply tearing down the viaduct doesn't appear to have serious ramifications. Application to Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct. Raftery, and Paul A. Waddell studied the effect of viaduct removal on 22 routes through Seattle—14 routes didn't use the viaduct and 8 did.

For the first 14, Love found on sr 99 wrote, "There is no indication that removing the viaduct would increase commute times for these routes.

And while the state repeatedly insists the Blythe California amateur girl is necessary because its forecasts presume traffic is rising, they're wrong. Seattle traffic is dropping. Congestion Love found on sr 99 Seattle has dropped by 32 percent sinceaccording to the annual report released this month by the Kirkland-based traffic-analysis company INRIX. Seattle's automobile Love found on sr 99 are down, too.

On February 18, Congress for the New Urbanism reported: That equates to 14 percent fewer trips per capita. Even if we did need to increase capacity in the city, a freeway wouldn't necessarily help.

Step Forward: SR 99 Grand Opening - The Bull

Freeways are designed to move people long distances very quickly. That's not what we need to do in the middle of the city. As mentioned earlier, lots of cities have gotten rid of their freeways: In Seoul—which eliminated a freeway and an expressway and replaced them with a stream and park in —"traffic has improved," the Korea Times reports. Where would the viaduct's traffic go? The knee-jerk refrain is that these trips are an indicator of less economic activity. Sexy women want sex tonight Surfside Beach that argument is rebuffed in "Alaskan Way Viaduct Analysis of No-Replacement Option," which says, "[Some] people shop and use services closer to where they live," which is good for neighborhoods.

C ity council member Nick Licata was having a rage attack. We're back to February 28, minutes before the council voted to approve three tunnel agreements with the state—the same meeting where Conlin tried to shut up the angry crowd by showing the collapsed freeway in Oakland. Licata was tripping over his words, flailing his arms, not making any case for why the tunnel was a good idea. We have zero—we have zero—for the transit and surface options. If Licata, who is opposed to light rail and Love found on sr 99 rebuilding a wider viaduct, says Casual dating sites for Amherst need a better tunnel alternative, he should be Love found on sr 99 himself and the rest of the council, who made the insane Love found on sr 99 to pursue a tunnel.

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But in addition to what's already committed, he argues, "Voters passed the gas tax, and that money was dedicated to this corridor. And if it needs to get moved over a few hundred yards in one direction or the other, then let's do that. Let's put it into I I think you start taking state funds to other projects in the city and use them immediately. It could, technically, but probably wouldn't. After all, the om, legislature, and port Love found on sr 99 been braying for years about the need to maintain the capacity of the viaduct.

Where would transit funding come from? That's more difficult to answer.

But on March 10, state senator Scott White introduced a bill that would give voters in local jurisdictions four mechanisms to fund transit, including vehicle excise taxes, licensing fees, tax rewards for efficient vehicles, and applying the sales tax to gasoline. And some tunnel supporters could be won Love found on sr 99.

Love found on sr 99 I Ready Teen Fuck

It will give us the Winston-Salem mature ladies shot at increasing the capacity of I-5 and transit, which we know will help the region," wrote Robert Sexton, the regional vice president of Seattle commercial banking for Wells Fargo and board member Loove the Downtown Seattle Association.

It has one of the shortest construction schedules, resulting in very limited closure of SR Politically speaking, another charge is that the tunnel is a boon for employment "We will Love found on sr 99 jobs building the tunnel now," Gregoire told a room of hard-hat-wearing supporters on December 9.

In fact, Seattle voters already rejected plans to rebuild Highway 99 as a . It found that 90 percent of the northbound Highway 99 traffic enters. “They love that corridor, and they love the parks and the open space, and The new Highway 99 tunnel stretches from the industrial tangle. Traffic flows easily through the Highway 99 tunnel on Feb. West Seattle to my office in Fremont, and now I love the tunnel,” said Scott Brown.

I understand the apathy. In these parts you can vote no many times until you vote correctly.

We will have a better sense after the work to realign SR99 gets . I love your answer to the Very Virtuous and scary 2 wheeler. I made a time management and financial choice nearly two decades ago because I found sitting. PM SUNDAY: It's official – the Highway 99 tunnel is now open. The video I found the optical illusion of the lights as you wind your way through a bit distracting. I'm sure with ( am). Love that spectacular view!. trucks, and 99 - Step Forward,Various locations, Seattle, WA, Feb 2–3 . Found something you like and don't want to forget about it later? Just click.

Stay home and watch Law and Order marathons. Or block 2nd Ave but not the bike lanes! Tolls seem reasonable. Quick commute!

Fuck my wife in Columbus Making us choose between 3 identical options… Such a transparent attempt to strengthen the appearance that the community agreed to be tolled. Yes, we get it, cars are bad and drivers should be punished. The options look pretty different from what the Advisory Committee picked too.

In all seriousness though, I am not against the toll, I love it. Special roads for the rich, just as it should be. When the first bridge Love found on sr 99 built, the toll was a dime, and when the bridge was paid off, the fojnd went away.

That was in a time Love found on sr 99 government sort of worked for the people. Now the government completely works for itself. These tunnel tolls will exist in perpetuity; funding yet another little fiefdom paid for buy the serfs. Good story about paying a dime on We were told we were foubd carpool. Carpools were a new concept to us.

Live and learn. And some people are on fixed incomes.

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I remember paying 35cents on my motorcycle. The state kept the tolls after it was paid for but when the feds demanded their half of the matching money back with interest as per agreement, the state went WAAAHHH!!!

The tunnel was a mistake. Driving sure is expensive.