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Sarah B in Litchfield,CT

"When buying a home there are so many choices you have to make, but the most important decision is where to go to get your mortgage. I looked into quite a few companies but I wasn’t happy until I found Acorn Home Mortgage Company. They helped me find a realtor, Cheryl R, whom of which I highly recommend- very nice and knowledgeable. Then once I found a home I liked, Acorn Home Mortgage took me thru sample paperwork so I knew exactly what to expect. Not to mention they went thru and explained all the terms that are in a mortgage contract, as some of them are very confusing. Acorn Home Mortgage found me a lawyer, an appraiser, and everything else I needed. I felt like all I had to do was sit back as the Acorn Home Mortgage team did everything for me. It was great and I am very happy in my new home- who would have know you could get into a home within 30 days- thank you Acorn Home Mortgage for all that you have done!"


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Planning ahead for the spring market.

Connecticut First Time Buyers, if you're going to start to accumulate assets and wealth then sooner or later you have to stop paying out rent and start buying a house. Why are you helping to pay your landlord's mortgage when you could be paying your own? It used to be that unless you had a heafty down payment you couldn't afford to buy your own home. Well, with today's prices and that rent check to write each month, you could never save quickly enough? Fortunately today, you don't have to. As long as you've been paying most of your bills on time and have a half-way decent credit score without too much debt you could qualify for a 100% loan through Acorn.

If you don't have enough money in savings to cover your closing costs (these can run to four or five thousand dollars these days) then work through one of our realtors and look for a seller that will grant you a 'sellers concession' - basically, money left on the table by the seller at the closing to help cover your costs. We work with many special first time buyer lenders that will allow this today and often the seller will cover all of your closing costs.

Buying a house still involves a huge stack of documents that you'll need to sign before owning that home, but it's not half as complicated as people say. For us, it's just routine and we'll guide you through the process, spending as much time with you as you need, to be comfortable with it all.

If you take some time and read this website, you'll be able to learn everything you need about buying a house. But our suggestion? Don't bother - it's easier for us to explain than for you to read and that's what we enjoy doing anyway. Just contact us and we'll get the process started for you today.

Imagine, instead of writing a rent check next month you're writing a mortgage check! With the tax relief you get on the mortgage payment each month, you'll bring more money home. In short, you can buy more house for your money than you can rent! That's what we're all doing at Acorn and we'd like to help you do the give us a call on 1 800 339 0680 or send us an email or complete our simple secure online CT mortgage application form.
We look forward to helping you.


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