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2. Looking for a Home >> State of Connecticut Home Page When you choose your mortgage lender today, it is vital to know whether they will still be in business and able to fund your loan at the time of your closing! List of SubPrime Mortgage Lenders, now out of business.

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Who would ever have thought that a major consideration of a new loan would be a reliable lender able to honor it's commitments at closing? Consider just how carefully a lender investigates your claims of financial stability and well being before it considers to give you a loan? Think of all the mortgage stipulations you have to fulfill before the lender will allow you to set a date for closing? And then the lender may not even have sufficient available credit to fund your loan for your closing!

The Smart Money is Buying Real Estate Now!

At Acorn Home Mortgage, we take the guesswork out of borrowing. All our lenders are thoroughly checked out and investigated by us before we even agree to approve them for funding our customers. We then continue to monitor their financial condition as part of our normal business due diligence.

Housing numbers are down, but no concern of slump

Remember, it's not all about the rate, it's about what you can afford and your monthly payment. But now it's also about your lender and the lender's ability to fulfill it's commitments to you at closing.

Work with us and we'll take the guesswork out of mortgages!


Mortgage Industry Housing Bubble and Slump
Mortgage Industry Meltdown Bridgeport, CT is in for a rough ride.
The Smart Money is Buying Houses Now!


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