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A: Why use a Connecticut Mortgage Broker?
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Did you know that there are hundreds of lenders doing business in Connecticut?

Did you also know that each lender has its own guidelines and approved appraisers and attorneys?

So what is the best way for you to select the right mortgage?

The first step is selecting a Connecticut Mortgage Broker that is current with the changing lending guidelines and who uses established appraisers and real estate attorneys.

What makes Acorn Home Mortgage the right selection?

Sarah B in Litchfield,CT

"When buying a home there are so many choices you have to make, but the most important decision is where to go to get your mortgage. I looked into quite a few companies but I wasn’t happy until I found Acorn Home Mortgage Company. It was there I talked with a real go-getter. She helped me find a realtor whom of which I highly recommend- very nice and knowledgeable. Then once I found a home I liked, Acorn Home Mortgage took me thru sample paperwork so I knew exactly what to expect. Not to mention they went thru and explained all the terms that are in a mortgage contract, as some of them are very confusing. They found me a lawyer, an appraiser, and everything else I needed. I felt like all I had to do was sit back as the team did everything for me. It was great and I am very happy in my new home- who would have know you could get into a home within 30 days- thank you Acorn Mortgage for all that you have done!

Sarah B"

Acorn Home Mortgage is local to Connecticut and focuses on meeting your Connecticut mortgage needs throughout the entire mortgage process.

Acorn Home Mortgage stays current with lenders and attends lender’s trade shows, looking for new CT mortgage products and for lenders focused on improving customer service and reducing paperwork. Acorn Home Mortgage looks for lenders who can close loans quickly and in a streamlined fashion; lenders with the most robust guidelines and niches, which meet your specific needs.

Our appraisers are professional and responsive to appraisal requests. These appraisers are selected to work on the areas in which they are most familiar. So, an appraiser who focuses on coastal properties would not be assigned to appraise a home in Hartford. In most cases, appraisals are completed within 48 hours, which allows for quicker loan submissions and approvals.

The real estate attorneys are located throughout the state. Acorn Home Mortgage looks for attorneys who are flexible, reasonable and available to answer your questions. All of these attorneys have an experienced staff of paralegals that will coordinate the documents for the client.

Acorn Home Mortgage’s staff works every step to assist you through the process. We have an experience staff of loan officers and processors. For every client there are two loan officers assigned to ensure responsiveness as well as a processor to act as your loan project manager.
We provide you with the most information and options in order for you to make the most informed choice when you are purchasing or refinancing your Connecticut home.

Our business has been built on providing our Connecticut customers with the best mortgage products and service. From our clients who are refinancing to restructure debt or our first time homebuyers who are trading up to their next home, they will come back to Acorn Home Mortgage.

Yes, in this time where information is available in an instant, it is great to know there is a Connecticut Mortgage Broker who spends the time to meet with you and to explain new mortgage products.

So we invite you to call or to contact us via our website to have your
Connecticut mortgage needs

Tel. 203 682 0246
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