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What you should know as a first-time Connecticut home buyer

Welcome to our site! Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible as you go through the Connecticut Home Buying and Connecticut Mortgage Process.

For some of our visitors, you may have already been through the mortgage process but it has been some time ago. There are many new products or your objectives have changed. You may be looking to refinance and to take some cash out to pay for colleges or to consolidate debt. You may be looking to trade up to your next home. Credit Score - How it impacts your interest rate

For some of our other visitors, you may be first time Connecticut home buyers and donít know where to begin or what is available to you. You have heard all kinds of information and you donít know what will work for your situation.

Choosing the right Connecticut mortgage product.

For all of our visitors, one theme is true. You are all unique. There is not one mortgage that is perfect for everyone. This is why it's important that you're treated as a unique client with specific needs. Our staff is available for personal appointments based on your schedule.

When you enter our website, we want you to feel free to explore the information on our site, to get to know us, and then to contact us for your specific requirements. Our professional staff of mortgage representatives are experienced, well trained, and focused on clients needs. Acorn Home Mortgageís mission is to find the best mortgage program for your situation.

Of course, we offer a wide range of fixed, adjustable, interest only, jumbos, super jumbos, home equity, 100%, 80/15/5% and pick a plans. The most important thing is to find the right mortgage for you.

Acorn Home Mortgage believes that furnishing the knowledge and the experienced staff to you will enable you to maximize your savings and/or buying power.


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