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A: Why use a Connecticut Mortgage Broker?
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The processing of your Connecticut home loan can be easy if you know what to expect. After you have a contract on a home you should contact your Connecticut home loan representative.

Fax or hand deliver a copy of the sales contract to your lender as soon as possible along with the following information:

  • The full property address

  • Closing date as per the contract.

  • If purchasing a town house or condominium, provide the name and specific address of the Home Owner or Condo association, a contact person, and contact phone number. Not having this information up front can slow the processing of your Connecticut home loan.

  • Check with your Connecticut home loan representative to see if you need to get reports such as:

  • Asset verification

  • Income verification

  • Credit conditions

  • Any other personal conditions that you are able to provide right away.

  • Note: Your Acorn Home Mortgage Connecticut home loan representative will give you a
    comprehensive checklist of all of the required documentation.

    After you have registered your Connecticut home loan with your Connecticut home loan representative, you should receive a loan package within 3 business days. During that time you should have prepared the reports received from your Connecticut home loan representative and have them ready to be returned.

    Remember if you would like to change the program at any time, call your Connecticut home loan provider for their mortgage advice and the steps you need to take to revise your existing program and always get it writing.

    After receiving your Connecticut home loan package, it is very important to return the package as soon as possible. Review the Connecticut home loan documentation thoroughly and sign where indicated. You should receive a copy of all documentation in the loan package for your file. Fill in all of the forms, sign each document and return the package to the lender.

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