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A: Why use a Connecticut Mortgage Broker?
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Acorn Home Mortgage works with homeowners from prequalification to closing. Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer in Connecticut or trading up, we will assist you to find the best mortgage product for your specific needs. It is about what you can afford and your monthly payment. We personally meet our clients in CT.

Considering refinancing your Connecticut Mortgage, then let our experienced mortgage professionals evaluate your mortgage and debts to determine if you can save at least a month's worth of salary? Refinancing is all about restructuring your total debt to reduce your total monthly payment.
The Information You Will Need for you Connecticut Home Mortgage

Pre Qualification vs. Pre Approval

Naturally we want you to place your trust in, and business with, us; Acorn Home Mortgage.

At the same time there are several considerations in your choice of a CT mortgage company. Especially important are the up front services that will be crucial in the search for your new home.

  • Pre qualification:

  • A Pre Qualification is just a comparison of income to debt. This calculation will only tell you the price range of the home for which you qualify. This is according to standard industry qualification ratios. It is important to note that a Pre-Qualification does not offer you approval status. Without all the information, it is difficult for your CT mortgage provider to give you good CT mortgage advice.

  • Pre Approval:

  • A “Pre Approval” is a conditioned Connecticut home loan from a CT mortgage provider. It is much more in-depth and highly recommend early in the home shopping process.

    The Pre Approval process allows the provider to give you more accurate CT mortgage advice, since they see your whole picture. Typically your Pre Approval is submitted along with the bid you make on a home. When you submit your Pre Approval along with your bid, you are demonstrating to the seller that you are a much more qualified buyer versus a competitive buyer who submits just a Pre Qualification.

    This could make the difference between winning and losing a bid for your next home. Always ask a potential lender if they offer a Pre Approved program that allows you to verify your income and assets, specify the Connecticut home loan conditions, and a protection option for your CT mortgage rate during your search.

    (Note: Acorn Home Mortgage encourages every potential client to allow us to pre approve them for a Connecticut home loan before shopping for their new home.)

    Having your Pre Approved Connecticut home loan conditions cleared, puts you in the best possible negotiating position with sellers.

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