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Someone once observed that we buy with our hearts, then confirm our choice with supporting information and facts. No where else is that more true than with selecting a home. We’ve got lots of helpful information, facts, figures and tips for you right here. Acorn Home Mortgage also has a dedicated staff to help you manage your financial affairs and put you in the best position to choose a home you can comfortably afford.

Yet, at the end of the day, there is only one important factor in choosing a home.

There is only one question to answer:

“Does this house feel like home to me?”

Walk into several homes and just see which one feels like home . . . your home!

That home may need some paint, your touches with carpeting and window treatments, and of course, your furniture and pictures. But, do you feel like you should just move in tomorrow? Or do you feel a bit “iffy” about the home you’re looking at? Is the real estate agent working too hard to convince you that this is the home for you? Does it feel like a house and not a home? If so, then just walk and move on to the next home.

Here are some tips on getting started

  • First and foremost, consider your current and future lifestyle. Single people may be considering marriage, while married couples may be considering children which brings the school district choice into play. How far are you willing to commute and how close to the main roads will you live? How far are you willing to drive for essential services such as grocery shopping, cleaning clothes, medical services such as doctors and hospitals etc.? How close (or far) are you to important relatives?

  • Calculate your price range, how much can you afford to spend on you next Connecticut home loan? Have a realistic idea before you start looking. Acorn Home Mortgage will pre-qualify you for free. This saves time and also avoids needless disappointment for everyone.

  • Decide what is absolutely essential for you to have in your next home (bedrooms, square footage etc.), and what is nonessential and would be nice to have (a special view, swimming pool, amenities etc.).

  • Take whatever time you need to discuss what you're looking for with your spouse or partner before you set up appointments to look at homes. Make a list of "Must have" features together, then discuss other "Would like, but can live without" features.

  • After you've looked at a dozen or so homes, re-evaluate your criteria. Priorities can shift over time and what was previously a definite "must-have" feature may now be re-classified as a "desirable, but can live without feature."

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